Tuition Available for Primary, Secondary & Help with the National Curriculum, KS2 & KS3 Literacy & KS2 Numeracy, GCSE & 'A' Level English, Tel:  07932 491733
One-to-One Tutors, Walsall provides support for literacy & numeracy skills as well as GCSE and 'A' level English. Tel:  07932 491733

Tuition for Primary, Secondary & Adult Education.
Literacy, Numeracy, English Language & Literature

Seeking Reading Help for your Child? One-to-One Tutors, Walsall can help with reading, writing and numeracy. Tel:  07932 491733

Seeking Reading Help for your Child?

Have you noticed any of the following in your child?
  1. A reluctance to go to school
  2. A desire to forget school at the end of the day
  3. Not wanting to talk about their day at school
  4. A reluctance to complete homework
  5. Avoiding reading and situations when they are required to read
  6. Difficulties with spelling and putting ideas on paper
Large class sizes in school, and the constant pressure put on our schools to compete in league tables, may mean that many children's problems are not spotted. This can lead to a situation where the support that your child may require is not being provided by the school.

One-to-one tuition, by a sympathetic professional, can improve your child's self esteem and result in significant achievements in a quite short period of time.

Reading ages and phonic understanding will progress rapidly with appropriate teaching geared to your child.

A free assessment of your child's reading and spelling levels will be provided at the first session.

Contact One-to-One Tuition for more information or to book your introductory tuition session. We look forward to hearing from you.

Adult Literacy and Memory Skills

Support to improve adult literacy and memory skills provided by One-to-One Tutors, Walsall, West Midlands. Tel:  07932 491733

It's never too late to improve your literacy and memory skills.

Support, understanding and discreet tuition available to help you fulfil your potential.

Primary Education Support

Primary tuition - improving reading & understanding with One-to-One Tutors, Walsall, West Midlands. Tel:  07932 491733

We provide help with National Curriculum KS2 English with emphasis on improving literacy including reading fluency, comprehension and higher order reading skills. These skills are vital to ensure confident transition to high school.

KS2 Maths - Emphasis on the four rules, basic concepts and problem solving.

Secondary Level English Tuition

GCSE & 'A' Level English Tuition from One-to-One Tutors, Walsall, West Midlands. Tel:  07932 491733

KS3 English

We provide help with National Curriculum KS3; essential for improving understanding and successful transition to examination level English.

GCSE English

Major UK public examination boards supported:
  • AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)
  • Edexcel (Pearson Edexcel)
  • OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations)
  • WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee)
We provide language and literature support covering all aspects of GCSE English Course.

A-Level English

Our support encompasses both 'A' Level English Language and 'A' level English Literature - including literature texts.

Tuition Rates Per Hour

KS2/KS3 25
GCSE / 'A' Level /Adult Literacy / Numeracy 30